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revised 05-Nov-2018

What is the Difficult Cases Webinar?


In conjunction with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society (NMSS) the Difficult Cases Webinar is an informal webinar designed to help clinicians, investigators, researchers and other personnel discuss difficult cases of pediatric MS or other suspected demyelinating diseases. Once a month individuals participate in a one hour call/webinar to help the presenter come up with possible diagnoses, treatments, or solutions to their difficult cases. If you are interested in joining the Difficult Cases Webinar and would like to receive reminders about upcoming calls then please contact Liz Brown (

Difficult Case Webinar Flyer


2019 Difficult Case Webinar Schedule


The Difficult Case Webinars are held on alternating first Monday and Fridays of each month. Monday webinars are held at 12:00pm ET and Friday webinars are held at 4:00pm ET. However, this schedule is subject to change.     

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Recommended Presenter Format

If you would like to present a case at the Difficult Case Webinar then a specific presentation format is recommended. Click here for an example format. It is important to remember that you must de-identify your slides and remove all patient information.